Animation – Motion Graphics

Making Things Move

Graphic design is great, but at AVANT we love to make things move!  Inspiration can come from anywhere, and we aim give your project motion graphics and animation that inspires regardless of the medium in which it was created. Our in-house Adobe After Effects and Fusion artists can do titling, transitions, effects, or just about anything you can dream up.

Making logos dance, intros for videos that demand you to watch, fun, serious, happy, explosive… you get the picture.


Every business needs an edge that helps it get its marketing message across and distinguishes it from the competition. It is difficult to get the audience’s attention in this media-savvy age. There are so many videos and launches every year. How is your video going to stand out against the competition?

One of the most effective visual marketing tools is 3D animation. Animation that is properly designed and modern connects with your audience and helps define your brand in a positive way that separates you from the others.

A complex message or product is the starting point to considering 3D animation. Especially when there is no way to demonstrate the product in reality. Great examples of this are medical devices, workflows and prototypes.

Using the latest 3D software Avant creates precise computer models of real-world objects for medical, architectural, and pre-visualization projects. Your images are finished with photo-realistic texturing, 3D lighting, and rendering.

3D animation is useful for many purposes and should be considered as an element in any marketing campaign.