Audio Production | Attention to every detail

Never underestimate the impact of the audio production and sound design for your project. Dialogue, music and sound effects are the beginning stems that need both a technical and creative mix.

At AVANT, we take pride in our attention to detail of our video production project. But, really it’s all about sound! Without good audio production, even the most beautiful high-definition footage can become tainted. So, we always make sure to utilize cutting-edge equipment while in our fully equipped audio booth, as well as while we’re on location shooting your video production.

At AVANT, our team helps your project sound the best it can be. Recording it. Listening to it. Playing it. Editing it. Making it come to life. With our tools of consoles, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, cables and soundboards; we make sure that your project is given the best care. From the best voice talent for your project, full library of effects and music, as well as an in-house audio booth so that your production goes smoothly right from the start. Our system plugs right into our Avid and Final Cut systems for seamless integration with all of your project needs for a full treatment for your listening pleasure.

“I don’t care much about music. What I like is sounds.”
- Dizzy Gillespie