Video Studio Specifications

Our video studio specifications include a space that offers a full green screen capable facility for interview, office, and custom configurations. Don”t want green screen? Conventional backdrops can be put into place:

  • 25′ x 30′ on-stage floor
  • 24′ wide x 12′ tall main green wall
  • 8′ wide x 9.5′ tall movable green wing walls (2)
  • 12′ grid height
  • 8′ wide x 10′ high main doors
  • 36 independent 20-amp grid circuits

We offer cameras, lights, grip equipment, cameras and teleprompter. We can help with your video production or post production at any stage of the process. Contact us at 949.645.9687 to customize a quote at the best possible rates.

Green Screen Two Camera

On-Location Recording
starts at $975 for half day includes camera, operator, lighting & audio

Green-Screen Studio Rental & Lighting
Wall only:
$300 first hour
$50 each additional hour

Wall & Floor:
$500 first hour
$50 each additional hour

Camera & Operator Wall Only:
$300 first hour
$125 each additional hour

Camera & Operator Wall & Floor:
$600 first hour
$150 each additional hour

Teleprompter & Operator: $500 per day


Editing | Green Screen Compositing | Color Grading | Audio Sweeten

$125 per hour