Video Production – Location

Avant offers unique on-location video production services affordably. We have the portable tools and talent to make your on-location video production a success. Avant offers you a complete solution. In more than 30 countries of the World, Avant has shot, edited and delivered on the road. Video Production in Orange County or globally, Avant delivers.

Why send Avant? By sending Avant, clients get consistency, reliability, and dependability every single time. There is no need to worry about matching shots, communicating between crews or worrying about delivery. Avant produces a consistent “look and feel” every time.

In addition, Avant has over 30 years of technical and creative experience in video production services on-location. Clients keep returning because Avant has a proven track record of follow through. Clients trust us. Avant creates deliverables quickly, efficiently and on time.

Surprisingly, we find ourselves traveling now more than ever. Much of this is due to advances in technology. Our cameras, lights, teleprompters are more portable than ever. Therefore, this translates to smaller crew and savings that is passed on to you, the client. The combination of video equipment, talent, experience and work ethic translate to results, not just a pretty picture.

Finally, whether Video Production in Orange County or around the globe, choose Avant Productions. Call today to see just how affordable on-location video production services can be for your project.