A Video Production Company you can count on from Concept-to-Completion.


Avant CREATES your story through a collaborative process by our writers, producers, graphic artists, camera operators, sound/light technicians and video editors.


Avant CONNECTS with your audience by understanding and delivering the message in the most effective way possible.


Avant DEFINES the message – enhancing the desired image and positioning of your company, service and product.

Our Proven Process Produces Results

First of all, several questions come to mind when figuring out how to begin a video production. What is the overall marketing objective? Who is the audience? How will the audience view this piece? What call to action do you want the viewer to take? How will the story be told? Why is this important to your organization? How will this enhance your organization’s branding? As a result, the answers to these questions starts the creative process.

Next, the creative process begins. Many steps are involved. Avant Productions is a video production company that  walks through this process with your organization to determine the best strategy for completing your video production project and delivering results. Recording locations whether in the studio or on-location are selected. Will green screen be beneficial? Especially relevant are production themes within a visual treatment. A visual treatment that blends the theme creates maximize impact and audience recall. The overall content is structured and scripted. In addition, other elements to a video production are discussed. Finally, don’t forget the sound. Sound design is more than a clean audio recording. Sound design includes selecting music and sound effects which enhances the overall video production. Establishing a production timetable and budget is critical.

The entire video production process is collaborative in every step. Most of all, Avant Productions wants to be your partner in creating a video production that exceeds your expectations.

In our state of the art green screen studio and post production, at AVANT we are your go to Orange County video production team that will always be with you from concept-to-completion.

The ultimate result of our work is more than a video production project…it’s a relationship.

Clark Severson

Jeriann Young has been in video production since 1982. She has been a producer, writer, director, editor and camera operator. Starting out in news and documentary work in and around Minneapolis, MN, she earned her BA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Minnesota. She then delved into productions in Louisiana where she produced shows in five languages for international broadcast. The weather of Southern California and the attraction to the ocean brought her to CA.  In 1988, she was a vital part of the team that founded Avant Productions.

Jeriann Severson