Training Video

Recently, one of our clients came to us with a video production challenge. They wanted to produce a series of training videos with some unique criteria…

  • The videos would be shot in one take on green screen so that slides and information could be shown in the background.
  • The videos had to be future proofed for Blu-ray and other formats down the line.
  • Each training video would be encoded for multiple platforms including mobile devices so over 600 sales reps could easily utilize the files on the go.
  • And as always, the production had to be done on time and on budget.

Our response? “No problem!”

Our high-definition production shoot went smoothly on our green-screen stage. Our talent (also our client) was overjoyed at using our teleprompter to read his script directly into the camera. He was reticent at first but told us “this is going so much easier that I ever imagined” after only 10 minutes of shooting. We were able to get our footage with a minimum of re-takes and finished shooting early.

For post production of over 2 hours of hi-def raw footage we chose to use the Avid for this particular project. The Avid’s AMA architecture allowed us to directly import the camera footage and begin editing immediately. Also, the Avid’s Spectramatte keyer produced superior results with real-time previews.

As befitting a project destined for online and mobile delivery, we supplied all preview and final files to our client via FTP. Aside from his initial shoot he never had to leave his busy consulting practice to see how things were progressing.

As a result, we have produced a series of 4 videos that will be utilized across the country in mobile form and will be ready for high-definition distribution on Blu-ray when the time is right.