When you think of Orange County, you think of the beach, perfect weather and…traffic! So, how does that interpret for the web? Beautiful visuals, inviting layout and…traffic. Every detail matters and, at AVANT, we make that our first priority. So, for our latest website that we built for Cloud-Townsend Resources, we got our inspiration from outside our green screen studio and into our surroundings….Orange County.

The Beach

Every website needs to be visually enticing. Don’t have this in place and your visitors will immediately leave, discredit your persona or consider your focus to be spam. The solution? The beach! We made sure the Cloud-Townsend Resources site was a place you might want to lay out your beach towel and spend some time looking around. A place that you feel relaxed. A place to discover new things. A place to connect with materials that helps you go back to life relaxed and inspired.

Perfect Weather

No one wants to be blasted by a blizzard when they open the front door. Same goes for a website. No website visitor wants to be shocked when they go to the homepage of a website that is based on relationship, self and spiritual help. They want to feel the warmth of the sun on their shoulders and not the boredom of being snowed in. The solution? Create perfect weather on a website. Great aesthetics. Warm and inviting colors. A layout where a visitor can get out and find what they are looking for.


Orange County is known for it’s traffic. When the clock strikes 4pm, you’ll be spending at least an hour trying to travel 10 miles on the 405 freeway. Yet, for a website, traffic is embraced. Yes, embraced! Because what good is a website we build for a client if there is no one visiting it. The solution? Well, these are secrets we definitely won’t be giving away. But, rest assure that we make sure that all the websites we build begin with the key ingredients of search engine optimization right from the beginning. We make sure that your website is built in a way that invites Google to the party. We make sure that your website has the solid content that helps you get found.

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