At AVANT, we’re not just about the latest corporate video or green screen studio shoot. We’re also take on the task of changing the world too. Yeah, no biggie!

So, now the entire nation with be impacted, not only with our video production services in Orange County, but also by the fruits of our labor of the last 10 years is this mission of making a difference. Our team were the ones behind the directing, producing, cinematography and editing of the award-winning documentary, Sin by Silence that will be airing on Investigation Discovery starting this October. We hope that you tune in and watch not only our experience and talents, but also the conviction of our hearts to help who are trapped behind prison walls.

Sin by Silence is a story of empowerment when all odds are stacked against you. A film that tells the story of women who are domestic violence’s worst-case scenarios: women who have killed their abusers. An incredible journey of women who overcame the odds to journey from victim to survivor.

78 million homes could be watching. Will you?

Make sure to tune into the broadcast and do something incredible for Domestic Violence Awareness Month! We spent many long days or many long years filming at the California Institution for Women, and we are thrilled that Discovery has joined us in airing our independent documentary to the masses. As Henry Schleiff, president of Investigation Discovery, stated, “We are proud to bring this powerful documentary to television, to share with audiences the harrowing stories of these women behind bars. Instead of fighting a system that does not fully comprehend the complexities of abuse, these courageous women chose to fight to change laws for battered women nationwide. Through the premiere of this documentary, we hope to extend their message and champion their crusade to stop the cycle of violence.”

So, make sure to tune in and check out ID’s page on the film and check your local listing for showtimes. It’s a story you will never forget…and you’ll be able to see the AVANT’s team on the end credits!