The Internet can be overwhelming… Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Sometimes it can feel like a full-time job just managing all your different accounts. Yet, what if a website could be the driving force to help heal your personal life? No, we’re not talking about the latest dating craze. We’re talking about Cloud-Townsend Resources – the latest project to come through to our Orange County production facility; building an entirely new web presence and media-delivery platform for the personal growth and development gurus.

At AVANT we don’t believe in websites, we believe in Movements… especially when dealing with Cloud Townsend’s target audience who are seeking resources to help heal from a hurtful past and ensure a healthier future. A Movement to help change lives. So, this just can’t be a simple, 5-page website for the two NY Times bestselling authors who have sold nearly 5 million books. This has to be an entirely new platform with data-driven strategies, a complete new branding plan with over 4oo products and a new infrastructure for digital downloads, along with intuitive navigation that creates a seamless visitor experience to ensure success.

Definitely not an easy task, but the AVANT team is truly excited about the process. After all, we value our work and the results we achieve for each and every client. For the web, we understand the need to connect immediately with people because web visitors start to build a relationship with a website from the very first click. Trust. Loyalty. Friendship. Security. What is the last website you visited telling you? What is the AVANT website telling you? Give us a call and let’s chat!