An important component of creating a convincing green-screen composite is careful selection and adjustment of the virtual background placed behind the talent. At AVANT we have perfected the art of matching 3D rendered imagery with live-action footage.

For a recent series of training videos for Cloud-Townsend Resources our creative team started with a 3D rendered virtual set and expertly blended it to match footage shot in our green-screen studio featuring Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

Because 3D renders are pure RGB images our first step was to adjust the black, white, and mid-tone values of the background to mimic the values of our HD video footage. Next we reduced the amount of color information in the background slightly and adjusted the hues to match the lighting setup.

The final steps for enhanced realism were to add grain and a vignette around the edges of the virtual set background to help recreate how a real room would have been photographed had it existed.

In the end all this attention to detail resulted in a seamless green-screen production that allows the Cloud Townsend audience to concentrate on the message and not the technology used to create it.