Images Come to Life

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At AVANT, we love going beyond our green screen studio to shoot video productions on-location.. Our recent high-definition video production for Ambassador Advertising, a five-minute promotional video set to music, was just such an opportunity

The concept for this latest video centers on a young couple expecting their first child. While looking through a family photo album, they reminisce about the past and anticipate the future. We were able to take this project to the next level by developing the concept of photographs coming to life, giving the audience a glimpse into this young couple’s life.

The Art of a Green Screen Shoot

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We recently had True Entertainment in our green screen studio in Orange County to shoot a new video production. Typically their teams are working on their new shows like "Real Housewives of Atlanta," but today they came to Avant for a new video to add to their long list of reality and documentary programming. Yet, with each green screen video shoot, we have to anticipate every step of the complications that could come up. We always have to discuss the green spill. Is it too dark, too bright, uneven, the right shade of green, or should we bring in the blue screen canvas? At Avant we take pride in our experience to give our clients the best lighting for each scene...especially in those trouble areas like the hair.

Green Screen. Mobile. Streaming. No problem!

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Recently, one of our clients came to us with a video production challenge. They wanted to produce a series of training videos with some unique criteria...

  • The videos would be shot in one take on green screen so that slides and information could be shown in the background.
  • The videos had to be future proofed for Blu-ray and other formats down the line.
  • Each training video would be encoded for multiple platforms including mobile devices so over 600 sales reps could easily utilize the files on the go.
  • And as always, the production had to be done on time and on budget.

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