At AVANT, we love going beyond our green screen studio to shoot video productions on-location.  Our recent high-definition video production for Ambassador Advertising, a five-minute promotional video set to music, was just such an opportunity.

The concept for this latest video centers on a young couple expecting their first child. While looking through a family photo album, they reminisce about the past and anticipate the future. We were able to take this project to the next level by developing the concept of photographs coming to life, giving the audience a glimpse into this young couple’s life.

The shoot itself went amazingly well. The real challenge was in the post production phase of video editing. Our effects team employed advanced motion tracking techniques combined with good-old-fashion hand rotoscoping to add post production images to the live video shots. All the hard work was worth it to see the still photos perfectly integrated with live video.

Video Production young couple

Yet, the most interesting part of the shoot was that our lead actress was actually pregnant and only a few short weeks away from her due date. With such a narrow time window we worked hard to finish shooting all of her vital scenes. With some quick and efficient prep work in setting up equipment and redressing the set, we were able to maximize our shooting time, and less than a month later we returned again to shoot her and her husband with their brand new baby boy.

The results were inspirational and the memories will last a lifetime!