Webinars are fast becoming the most exciting and and sought-after training experience on the internet. Why read a boring online tutorial or travel to a hotel for a seminar when you can log in and connect from home? Webinar participants don’t just watch your message, they engage in a dialogue with your presenters, asking questions online and taking polls with results presented in real-time.

At AVANT we recognize the power of webinars to deliver your message in a personal but powerful way. We have recently invested both time and capital in outfitting our Orange County green-screen studio and facility with everything you need to run a successful webinar.

Using a combination of well supported open-source video technologies and a suite of custom-developed web applets we have created a turn-key solution that embeds your webinar directly on your website with your own unique branding. No more logging into a faceless 3rd party website to view your message.

And with our unique green-screen setup we can produce not just a live webinar with impeccable audio and lighting, but also a full-quality DVD with professionally keyed virtual backgrounds after the fact. Host your live webinar one day and be delivery fully authored DVDs for sale of the same material less than a week later. After all, at AVANT we are all about bringing your more business and helping take things to the next level.