We love it when we can get out of our video studio in Orange County and load up our high-definition cameras and equipment for on-location video production. Yet, live events can be tricky. We have to stay focused on the task of transforming an empty room into something memorable. Whenever a client comes to us to bring a live event to life, we know that it needs to be a total experience. From setting the right mood with stage and lighting, to correct audio equipment and speaker positioning and making sure the visuals projected on the screens from our cameras can be seen by every attendee.

Well, practice makes perfect and this week’s event for CWS Capital Partners is a production they have been counting on us to deliver excellence for, for the past 10 years. While this live event of their annual investor’s meeting may only last for a few short hours, we make sure to capture every moment in high-definition to add another dynamic to the evening. Not only does this allow for us to project the image of each speaker onto two 20-foot screens for the entire room to easily see, the “recorded event” can be shared and relived for years to come no matter how technology advances.

At AVANT, we are always thinking ahead for our clients – how can your project be “future proofed”? How can your video expand and connect even further than you ever dreamed? Give us a call. We’d love to be a part of the team that brings your ideas to life!