We love our clients! From national broadcasts to corporate production and non-profit promos, we have a passion to bring our clients projects and ideas to life. Yet, it’s always great when a project comes to our Orange County video studio that helps us reflect on our own lives. That’s what we get with the monthly green screen shoots we do with Cloud Townsend Resources.

With their award-winning books about life, love and boundaries, we are now able to transform the latest Cloud Townsend content into a video series that streams on their website and social media pages. Yet, Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend are pros with co-writing over 20 books, totaling 5 million in sales. They know that their ability to reach an audience is crucial, so we had to transform our green screen studio into an opportunity for these clinical psychologists to be able to teach what they know so well, while also being able to personally connect with the viewer.

Our task to combine such intimate topics like grief, forgiveness, depression with the technology of our green screen production and clarity of high-definition video to stream on the web is crucial. We know this to be a key component to build a virtual relationship with an audience that needs to feel a connection for trust with such heavy topics. We love these types of shoots! It’s like our own therapy session in the studio, editing room and streaming on the web.